SearchCap: The Day In Search, September 5, 2012

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Search Activity Makes Michelle Obama The FLOS (First Lady Of Search)

    A Pew Research study that was released this week showed that Democrats are more likely to mix social media and political activity. They might be more likely to mix politics and search, too, at least judging from data comparing search activity from Michelle Obama and Ann Romney that Google has shared today. Michelle Versus Ann [...]

  • Pew: 50 Percent Have Cleared Smartphone Search History

    There’s a cat and mouse game going on between developers, publishers and mobile users. The former group is often trying to “connect the dots” and gather as much data and information on user behavior and, in some cases, individual activity as possible. By contrast, mobile phone owners (especially smartphone owners) are often trying to thwart [...]

  • FTC On Search Engine Disclosure: Aware Of Issues, No Further Comment

    In July, I wrote the US Federal Trade Commission asking for it to review whether search engines are complying with paid listing disclosure guidelines it created in 2002, since it appeared these were being ignored. After two months, I finally got a response. The FTC is aware of the issues but didn’t have more to [...]

  • The Simple Truths About Why Retargeting Is Broken

    As a parental co-founder (or dad) of 3 girls, I often have to teach them hard truths for their own good – ‘no, your science experiment can’t be asking your sister to stick a fork in an outlet’, ‘no, you can’t marry your 8 year old boyfriend’ and ‘you are absolutely not going out in that!’. [...]

  • How B2B Marketers Can Develop A Better Social Media Plan This Fall

    As B2B marketers assess the strengths and weaknesses of their SEO programs so far this year, the relationship with social media marketing must come into focus. As I wrote in a column last year, 66% of organizations with a formal SEO process were integrating social media into their overall SEO strategy. But social media plays [...]

  • The Pocket-Sized Mad Scientist Of Conversion Optimization

    Regular readers of the Search Conversion column know well one of my fellow contributors, Brian Massey. His columns are consistently some of the most educational and entertaining. The first time I met Brian was at a Pubcon session on landing pages, where he had donned a white lab coat, was engaging the audience — [...]

  • AdCenter Preview Tool Update Aims To Answer “Where’s My Ad?” Question

    Microsoft AdCenter advertisers have longed for some way to verify that their ads were running, and a solution is coming, promises a blog post from Microsoft Advertising. The fix will come in the form of an updated ad preview tool, which will let advertisers see whether their ads are showing generally, or to a targeted [...]

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